The Club runs JUNIOR COMPS throughout Term 1 and Term 4 on SUNDAY MORNINGS from 9:30am to 11am.

In our first season - Term 1 of 2019 - we had over 50 young golfers come along and try golf.

The competitions are played under modified rules and allow kids to get a taste of what golf has to offer without any pressure.

We find that children of all ages love the concept, and best of all, its totally FREE!

Some of our modified rules include

  • Tee off from modified tee blocks to suit different abilities
  • All shots hit off the fairway, are placed back on the fairway at the same distance without penalty
  • We count shots to get the ball to stay on the green only to get the PAR. We only putt out if you have a shot at a REAL PAR.
  • All children get a free ball, a free tee and a free drinks and hot chips after the round!

Whats more, any children that come and play in the JUNIOR COMPS can sign up as a JUNIOR CLUB MEMBER free of charge and then come back and play golf as much or as little as they want to without any charge!

If you would like to know more about the JUNIOR PROGRAM, feel free to call our JUNIOR CO-ORDINATOR Daniel Beard on 0418 123863.



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